Carson City workers show responsiveness

During the past couple of months, Carson City Street Department personnel have been working in our subdivision, cutting down trees, repairing and extending the curbs and gutters, replacing sidewalk and, through Granite Construction, resurfacing the streets.

Before the work began, Street Operations Manager John Flansberg held a meeting with the residents, explaining the work that was to take place, estimated time schedules and options we, the homeowners, had available. It was very informative and appreciated by myself as well as others in the subdivision. John encouraged those with questions to call him. Many, including myself, did so. He and his staff were courteous, very responsive and more than willing to work with us. John, John Platt, Vern Markussen and Don Wass are four of the names I can recall out of the many that worked in the area.

Subsequently, as a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 3788, I had occasion to talk with Parks Superintendent Scott Farenbruch. Our chapter is in the process of repairing the Vietnam Memorial at Mills Park. Unbeknownst to us, Scott and his staff had already initiated plans to enhance the area of the park where the memorial is located. We made a commitment to work together in addressing both the memorial and the adjacent area. Again, a pleasant and courteous experience.

Having spent 30 years in public service, in many locations through the United States, I am very sensitive to unjust criticism directed to our local, county, state and federal workers.

Oftentimes their positive accomplishments go unrecognized. In these two instances, I can offer nothing but praise for their efforts.

My wife, Mary, and I would appreciate your passing on our thanks. I apologize for not recalling the names of all involved.


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