Carson supervisor candidate calls for adding two deputies

Frank Sharp, candidate for Carson City Ward 4 supervisor, said Wednesday if he were elected he would fight to add two sheriff's deputy positions to the Sheriff's Department every year.

"Public safety should be our priority," he said. "I met with the sheriff and one of his top deputies the other day. He's 10 men short. Two deputies cost $135,000 a year. There's no reason through the budget process we can't afford two deputies. When I'm elected, I'll move and fight to see that he gets two deputies per year."

One of his opponents, Richard Staub, disagreed that adding more positions would solve problems that face the Sheriff's Department. He suggested looking first at whether the department is being run efficiently.

Sharp, Staub and fellow Ward 4 supervisor candidate Vern Horton spoke to a group of about 30 at a Carson City Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon Wednesday.

Sharp also said the city should "aggressively pursue a retail sales base in this town and protect what we have." He also noted his desire to help the transportation problems that plague the city.

Asked whether or not he supported the efforts to rebuild the V&T Railroad, Sharp said he supported the project with reservations.

"I have some reservations because it's taken so long," he said. "Are we pushing this thing too much without outside help? If this railroad fails, does the cost fall back on the taxpayer?"

The Ward 4 candidates were joined at the luncheon by Ward 2 Supervisor Jon Plank, who is running unopposed for re-election. Several candidates also spoke to a small group at the Carson City Senior Citizen's Center.

Plank said at the Senior Citizen's Center he was criticized once for being too considerate to the public.

"If that's the worst thing he could say about me, well, too bad," Plank said. "That's just the way it is. Your support is important to me. The representation I have will strengthen my position on the board."

All noted their opposition to a business tax proposed by the Nevada State Education Association that would create a 4 percent tax on net business profits and dedicate the money to public schools.

The four candidates also expressed their favor of the proposed Carson City School District bond to raise $18 million to renovate area schools.

While both Horton and Sharp focused on things they want to fix in the community, Staub said he is proud of the community and is happy with the way things are going.

"I'm not going to tell you we have a bad thing here. We have a good community," Staub said. "I live here because I love this town. Our Board of Supervisors has done a good job developing the town we love to call home. We need to maintain and promote that which we already have."

Also stumping for the freeway, Staub said Carson City is "the only entity in the state of this size without a freeway bypass.

"The bypass should be the most important issue the city should deal with," he said.

Staub also noted his support of redevelopment, but said no matter what the city's done to improve downtown, "we still don't have what we want."

He said there is a need to find a new way to garner investment dollars from developers for the area.

Horton noted his main concern is to maintain economic stability.

"Everything that falls under the title quality of life - police, fire, parks - every one of those issues has a price tag," Horton said. "Carson City is going to be something 20 years from now. It's either what we get, or what we want."

Horton said passive evolution for the city is no longer acceptable, and the city needs to take a more serious stake in its economic development.

Horton noted that his service in the community, particularly the planning commission, had prepared him to be a supervisor.

"It's important that a supervisor understands the way our city works," he said. "My experience is a valuable asset. The community can capitalize on those years."

Horton noted his support of the V&T Railroad reconstruction project, saying it would be a boost to the economy.

"We'll have a freeway that will take people from the glitz and glamour of Lake Tahoe to the glitz and glamour of Reno," Horton said. "Unless we get this, why the hell will they stop here?"


Important election dates:

Aug. 19 through Sept. 1 - early voting for the primary election

Sept. 5 - primary election

Oct. 7- close of voter registration for the general election

Oct. 21 through Nov. 3- early voting for the general election

Nov. 7- general election


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