Convicted supermarket killer's attorneys want new trial

LAS VEGAS - Defense attorneys in the Zane Floyd case say the convicted killer deserves a new trial because the jurors who sentenced him to death were unfairly influenced.

Deputy Public Defenders Curtis Brown and Doug Hedger are scheduled to go before District Judge Jeffrey Sobel on Monday to argue for the new trial.

The attorneys plan to argue that prosecutors made inappropriate comments during their closing statements, that Sobel erred when he allowed certain people to testify and that one family member was allowed to testify about irrelevant matters. The attorneys also say the media influenced the jury.

District Attorney Stewart Bell said all the issues contained in the motion have already been ruled on by Sobel. He said he sees no reason why Sobel would change his rulings.

Floyd, 24, was sentenced to death in July for killing four Albertson's employees and injuring another in June 1999.


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