Demand for sagebrush seed increases after two heavy fire seasons

After two big fire seasons in 1999 and 2000, the demand for both sagebrush seeds and the seeds of other native plant species has increased considerably in the Great Basin. Such native species seeds are the preferred means of reseeding land that has been burned by wildfires, reclaimed after mining operations, or targeted for restoration measures under the Great Basin Restoration Initiative.

Permits for collecting these seeds from public lands, in either small amounts or in large commercial quantities, are available from all BLM offices in Nevada.

Permits are required to assure that seed collection activities take place in separate areas. The seeds of native plants are very important not only because they are well adapted to the Nevada climate and environment, but because when planted early enough after fire or ground disturbance, these native plants help to prevent the non-native and very aggressive cheatgrass from literally taking over the landscape.

For information, call the Carson City Field office number is 635-4000.


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