Feeling safer from gunfire in library

Is there anyone happier than me about the decision to post a sign informing library patrons that "no weapons are allowed?" I mean, besides criminals? I don't think so.

I don't know about you, but I always thought the gunfire coming from the Reference Section was very annoying. And - just between you and me - I find the implied suggestion that the staff of the library will now be legally responsible for my safety to be quite comforting.

There is no doubt that the sign has already proven effective. I can't count the number of times I have walked into the library just this week, only to observe some miscreant studying the sign, shaking his head in disgust, and skulking away, flamethrower or sniper rifle in hand. Just the fact that the word "NO" is underlined in red is enough to send chills down the spine of anyone bent on mayhem.

I'm also comforted to know that the sign does not apply to law enforcement, retired law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, or library employees. I think we all know that the lives of these people are certainly more important than the rest of us, and we can all agree that they should be able to protect themselves.

My only suggestion to Mr. Dehl - well, my only public suggestion - would be to include some additional signs in several different languages, Braille, etc., so that all Carson City citizens would be aware of how safe they now are.


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