Hall of Fame fishing records

The latest issue of "The Splash," the official publication of the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame includes some interesting updates to its world angling records.

-- In the "Kept Fish" category:

A 90-pound big-head carp caught at Kirby Lake, Texas.

A 100-pound, 8-ounce blue catfish caught in the Congaree River in South Carolina.

A 5-pound, 8-ounce whitefish caught at Great Bear Lake in The Northwest Territories, Canada.

-- In the "Catch & Release" category:

A 57-inch blue catfish from the Missouri River in Kansas.

A 36-inch arctic char from an un-named river in Alaska.

A 15-inch crappie from Millsboro Pond in Delaware.

A 19-inch arctic grayling from Yathkyed Lake in The Northwest Territories, Canada.

A 56-inch muskie from the English River in Ontario, Canada.

A 48-inch blue-silver pike from Favorable Lake in Ontario, Canada.

A 54-inch Northern pike from Lake Athabasca in Saskatchewan, Canada.

A 40-inch chinook salmon from Indian River in Alaska.

A 61-inch sturgeon from Rainy River in Minnesota.

A 30-inch German brown trout from Milwaukee River in Wisconsin.

-- In the "Fly Fishing" category:

A 35-inch arctic char from an un-named river in Alaska.

A 52-inch Muskie from Nancy Lake in Wisconsin.

A 45-inch Northern Pike from Wollaston Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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