Headline over Bush story misleading

Appeal against Bush!

This statement is just as misleading as your headline "Bryan: If Bush elected Nevada nuked" in Monday's paper. If one reads on, the article by Susie Vasquez states that U.S. Senator Bryan said an interim storage site COULD (capitalization added) be established and goes on to say that his opinion is based on Mr. Bush's failure to respond to (what I guess) was a question regarding that issue. To me this is a far cry from what the headline seems to state as a fact.

The Nevada Appeal is doing everybody, the Senator, Mr. Bush a disfavor with this tabloid-style distorted reporting. Is there no review of what's on the Appeal's front page by the editorial staff? I think the paper's integrity is in jeopardy if this irresponsible type of writing can go unchecked.


Carson City


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