Holiday Memories: Kid's learn valuable lesson after taking a peek inside the Christmas bag

Growing up in the 1950s was a wonderful era. New inventions were coming out all the time. My brother Bud and I had our eyes on all the new pocket transistor radios with the earphones.

We were all excited as Christmas came closer. Maybe a little too excited. We knew where our parents hid their gifts to us, and being only 10 and 8 years old, we took a peek inside the bags. Lo and behold, there were the two most wonderful little black radios you ever saw. They even had leather cases! We were so happy. What a great Christmas it was going to be.

Christmas morning came and we swore to each other that we would act so surprised when we opened them. As we opened all our gifts and came to the end, there were no radios in sight. I guess the surprise was on us. Disappointment could be seen on both our faces. My parents asked us if there was something wrong, but we both said no and not another word was said. They told us to get ready for church, and off we went.

Coming home from church, our parents asked us if we had a good Christmas and we said it was all right. We walked into the house and went to change our clothes. When we came out, there were two wrapped presents waiting for us.

What a surprise to find they were the radios we wanted. My mother looked at us and said, "Now, do you think you can fool your mother and that I wouldn't find out you looked into the bags?"

"Let this be a lesson to you," she said. And believe me, it was. We NEVER did it again!


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