K-9 auction yields truckloads of treasures

While her husband was celebrating his 60th birthday with a fishing trip Saturday to Lake Tahoe, Carolyn Kilpatrick did a little shopping at an auction at Fuji Park.

She headed home with two pick-ups and a trailer full of loot, including a 18.5 hoursepower lawn tractor. And the K-9 Unit of the Carson City Sheriff's Department took in $3,280 from the auction, most of it from Carolyn's winning bids.

"My husband got back just about the time we got done and he couldn't believe all that I got," Carolyn said Saturday evening.

"But he's still out on the tractor. He's mowed the lawn and he's used this attachment on the back to pull up about two acres of weeds."

Carolyn said most of the purchases will be helpful for husband Jerry, who is a superintendent for Jarrett Construction in Gardnerville. The Kilpatricks moved to their Jacks Valley home just a few months ago.

"There's skill saws, a soldering gun, sanders and drills. I bought a joiner and a weed eater. There's a big antique scale like they used at hardware stores to weigh nails. And we've got a kerosene heater for the shop Jerry's going to be building."

Carolyn's sister, Cathryn Heberling of Indian Hills, also went along and bought a pick-up load of stuff - a band saw, two antique tool chests, an antique file cabinet, saws, a cash register, machinist's boxes and many more tools.

"We had a good time and I can't say enough about that group," Carolyn said. "The deputies loaded all our stuff into their own trucks and delivered it, then helped us unload it."

The merchandise was donated by a man whose hobby activities have been restricted by a health problem, she said. The same man, who wants to remain anonymous, had earlier donated a substantial collection of fishing equipment and tackle to the Kilpatricks, who use it to help conduct the annual Kid's Fishing Derby in Lampe Park in Gardnerville.

"The auctioneer, Ron Saunders, was terrific and he does this in his spare time, mostly for nonprofit groups," Carolyn said. "He may help us with an auction for the Fishing Derby, too."


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