Letter: Are there too many crosswalks in Carson?

I read Mr. Johnny Giotta's letter regarding crosswalks in Carson City and felt it was a good time to express my opinion regarding the numerous crosswalks on Carson Street.

I feel that Carson Street has too many crosswalks, one at every corner irregardless of whether or not there is a light. Now this may have been fine 20 years ago when traffic was much less than it is today, but with the amount of traffic Carson Street now has, these crosswalks are a real hazard for both the pedestrians and for the drivers. It is virtually impossible to see a pedestrian in the crosswalk if you are driving in the inside lane.

Walking across the street without a light, just a crosswalk, is taking your life in your hands. In front of the downtown casinos, there are as many as two crosswalks on each block. Is this really necessary? Given that the bypass is still years away, in the matter of safety, shouldn't we give up the luxury of having crosswalks on every corner and just have them where there is a light as further protection for pedestrians and for drivers?

I don't know how much money it would cost the city to add a few more lights combined with crosswalks, but if we weighed the cost against potential pedestrian accidents, it would be worth it. And how about synchronizing the lights to move the traffic along?


Carson City


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