Letter: British police never needed weapons

The British "Bobby" (Constable) was disarmed for a long period of British history. He had the expertise to deal with the criminal element through persuasion.

This should be the case with the American police organizations. If there is no need for legitimate citizens to posses weaponry then there is no need for the police to be armed.

The basic police unit, the county sheriff's office and the city police departments have the ability to emulate the British police officers in deferring crime. Guns are unnecessary.

The state police have no real need for firearms. Just lots of ballpoint pens to write up lots of tickets.

The national police don't need weapons either. With its access to national publicity, they have complete control of the situation. They should be permitted access to water pistols and cap pistols, but no, no matches.

As to the Armed Forces, no more wars make weaponry superfluous. Make weapons into plowshares and do environmental projects.

This reasoning actually is as obscene but no more so than that of our beloved Congress and restrictive gun legislation.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.


Carson City


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