Letter: Carson City needs a full-time mayor

Being mayor of Carson City is a full time job; if not now, it certainly will become so during the four years we will elect our next Mayor to serve. Having exceeded the critical 50,000 population count, and going from small town to metropolitan status, Carson takes on added challenges, and our officials will be called upon to deal with a whole new set of rules regarding state and federal grants, restrictions and regulations.

We must have a mayor who has the knowledge and experience to make the critical decisions to handle the added workload and who has the time and energy to devote to the job.

In the coming Mayoral election, we will have a choice of four men: One, a small business owner, one a full time state employee, one a retiree recently moved to Carson City and our current Mayor. Retiree Tom Keeton appears to be an intelligent, dedicated man, but has been in Carson City only a short time and has not served on any committees or been involved in city matters to gain

knowledge of the workings of the board.

With the current problems Carson City is experiencing, and the soon-to-be increased workload, we simply can't afford the luxury of providing on-the-job training.

Neil Weaver is a small-business owner, and as anyone who has ever owned a small business knows, it is a full time job ... and more. Being mayor is a full time job. Even though he may feel now, being filled with exuberance, that he can handle both; if the time comes, and it will, when there won't be enough time and energy to handle both full time jobs, survival instinct will dictate that the business be given priority.

Though Tom Tatro served on the Board of Supervisors while a full-time state employee, he was frequently absent and often seemed ill prepared to make the decisions required of a supervisor. The duties of a full time mayor will be even more taxing and the time requirements still more than for a supervisor.

If the time comes, and it will, when there isn't sufficient time to handle being both a full time state employee and full time mayor, the state will be given preference. Being mayor is a full time job.

There is more than just the amount of time required to consider. Stress, fatigue, family and social demands need to be considered. Anyone who has put in a lot of overtime (and handling two full time jobs is a lot of overtime) knows how not only the body tires, but also the mind becomes stressed, and the right decisions harder to make. A stressed out person is not a good

decision maker.

Our current mayor, Ray Masayko, is retired, has the time to devote, and over the past four years has learned all the ins and outs of city operation and demonstrated his ability to get things done and handle the stress that goes with the job. He has developed good working relations with the governor and officials of neighboring counties that will take a new mayor considerable time to establish. I don't think we can afford to lose that experience, particularly with a brand new incoming supervisor for Ward 4 and two of the other three supervisors having only two years on the job. I plan to vote for a proven, experienced individual and stay with Ray.


Carson City


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