Letter: Carson Valley doesn't need its own Wal-Mart

I personally don't want a Wal-Mart in our valley since the one in Carson City

is so close. What I would like to see is a youth center for the teens. As

far as I know there is no place for them to have weekly gatherings. The

complex could include a snack shack, miniature golf course, tennis,

basketball, volleyball courts. What about a bowling alley? Whatever, but

one complex that is supervised.

There are a lot of wealthy people in this county, and if everyone would chip

in (say for instance the money they would normally donate to the RNC and DNC) would benefit some kids that really deserve a place to go.

Speaking of properties, what is happening with Gorman's? That area would be great for a bowling alley and youth center. Lots of kids walking around town with no place to go!




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