Letter: Casinos cry poor; but they're raking it in

Why isn't it the "right for people to know" the amount of the art tax exemption that has been granted to Steve Wynn in addition to the $13 million he was granted?

Re: A newspaper article on Thursday May 24. David Pursell, executive director of the Nevada Department of Taxation was quoted as saying, "We can't reveal specifics on individual taxpayers."

In the past, the media has taken strong positions on issues which they claimed were the peoples' "right to know;" however, there has been no outcry on this matter although it adversely affects taxpayers for there is a need to find other sources to replenish the amounts left void from the exemptions which have been given.

It is indeed the "peoples' right to know" the amount of the exemption, the justification and what stipulations were placed on the grant. As advertising is the lifeline of the media and when a decision has been made between the "peoples' right to know" and the risk of offending advertisers ... the choice is obvious.

The governor has been sounding the alarm about the shortage of income from tax sources and the problems faced by the state meeting the needs in education, health and all other matters, and he has asked agencies to curtail spending, cut budget and reduce staff. Despite the threat of state budget problems, the governor has taken issues with Sen. Joe Neal's petition to increase the taxes of the casinos. The governor's position on this is understandable as his campaign was heavily funded by the casinos.

After Senator Neal's presentation to the chamber of commerce in Reno in which he discussed the petition, one of the casino lobbyists performed his duties by trying to counteract the senator's presentation by claiming how much damage such an increase would do the casino industry.

Re newspaper article, June 27, "Casino executives receive pay raise." These raises are in the millions of dollars, but an increased tax would destroy them?

Re newspaper article, Wednesday July 12, "Casino winnings increase 5.3 percent.

Sen. Neal has been consistent in his support of the working class and the poor in the entire state since his first term in the legislature. He is to be admired and supported for his courage in taking on the state "controllers" and challenging them to pay their "fair" share of taxes, ease the burden of the little guys and stop building their empires on the backs of the Nevada taxpayers.

It is past time for the voters/taxpayers to step forward and help the senator by calling (775)333-0955. Ask for petitions, get legitimate signatures and help the man who is doing his best to help us.




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