Letter: Clinton-speak another way to mislead us

According to the latest bit of Clinton-speak logic (Page 1, Nevada Appeal, Aug. 6, "Clinton says marriage tax cut is reckless") only the wealthy are married.

He was quoted as saying that the marriage tax-cut is a gift to the wealthy. And the Clinton-speak news media print this "gospel-according to Clinton" as obligatory reportage. Ignored is the fact that many millions of married couples are penalized by the tax code.

For those who may not be familiar with the term, "Clinton-speak" is the political, legal and social speech-style originated by William Jefferson Clinton. It is characterized by deliberate lies and distortions or fabrications of non-existent facts. William Clinton may believe what he says when he says it, but after eight years of his openly engaging in Clinton-speak, anyone who believes what he ways is a slavish devotee of the Clinton agendas.




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