Letter: Don't lump all state workers together

This letter is in response to the letter submitted by Mr. Eugene Friel. Mr. Friel, you have choices just like the rest of us. No one forced you into the job you currently hold. There are state jobs, including construction-related ones, available to anyone who meets the minimum qualifications for the job and who pass a background and drug check.

I have worked for the State of Nevada for 22 years and I have always been very grateful for my job and the benefits I have received. However, I have also always done my job to the very best of my ability and given many more hours of dedicated service to the State than I have ever been paid for. I can also tell you that most other State workers are just as dedicated to their jobs. State workers provide many valuable services to the citizens of the State of Nevada. For instance, without dedicated State workers, you wouldn't get your unemployment insurance check when you get laid off because of a snow storm.

It is very unfair of you to lump all state workers into one category. It would be like stating that all construction workers are (No,I will not lower myself to Mr. Friel's level.)

If you don't like your job, look for another one, but stop your whining!!

Tamara Nash

Carson City


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