Letter: Ensign's comments on abortion are outrageous

I am writing to express our outrage at John Ensign's recent comments about rape and incest victims and abortion.

First of all, it is absolutely unfair for Ensign to blame women for unwanted or accidental pregnancies by calling them "bad choices." But when he called unwanted pregnancies from rape and incest "bad choices," he crossed the line. Social work professionals help women deal with these horrible, traumatic crimes every day. These women did not "choose" to be victims of these crimes.

Now, Ensign has said that rape and incest are only a "mistake" and that helping women terminate unwanted pregnancies caused by rape and incest is worse." Nothing is worse than rape or incest. John Ensign's insensitivity to the victims of these crimes appalls us as social workers.

ALICIA SMALLEY, Past President

National Association of Social Workers, NV Chapter



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