Letter: Good time to prevent underage drinking

As our children return to school for another year, this is a good time for all of us - parents, teachers, community groups, businesses and the alcohol beverage industry - to refocus our efforts to prevent underage drinking. As parents ourselves, the men and women of Capital Beverages, Carson City and Anheuser-Busch want to do all that we can to stop underage drinking before it starts in our community.

We believe parental involvement is the key to continuing the tremendous progress that has been made in the fight against underage drinking. In fact, in the most recent edition of the Roper Youth Report - among six things that might affect their decisions about drinking - 70 percent of American youth (ages 13-17) identified their parents as a leading influence. That finding is consistent throughout the history of the Youth Report.

Several years ago, parents were asked, "Have you hugged your kid today?" Now, when we talk about what parents can do to help their children avoid illegal and risky behavior, a more appropriate question may be "Have you talked to your kid today?"

To help parents listen to their kids and have a respectful, open and honest discussion with their children about illegal underage drinking, were pleased to offer - free of charge - to the people of the Carson City, Douglas, Lyon, Storey county areas "Family Talk About Drinking," a program developed by an advisory panel of experts in family counseling, child psychology and alcohol treatment. "Family Talk" not only encourages parents to talk to their kids, but it also urges parents to set a good example and to show interest in their children's lives.

In a national survey, 94 percent of the more than three million private citizens and educators who have received "Family Talk" say they would recommend the materials to other parents. Free "Family Talk" materials may be obtained by calling 882-2122 or 1-800-359-TALK.

Let's work together to help our school children make smart choices - from resisting negative peer pressure, to respecting the law, to avoiding underage drinking. Let's listen to our children. Let's talk to them. Together, we can make a difference here in our own communities.


Capital Beverages, Inc.


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