Letter: Gore promises are meaningless

Last Sunday's Nevada Appeal included a letter submitted by Rory Reid, the son of our 100 percent politically partisan senior senator, which I found to be a complete distortion of fact. The Appeal conveniently contributed to this distortion by providing a headline stating: "GOP promises to put nuke waste in Nevada."

It would seem to me that publishing a purely partisan political statement, ostensibly authored by the chairman of the Nevada State Democratic party, must not be categorized nor printed as a "Letter to the Editor." Rather, it should be identified as a pure and simple political advertisement. As such, it would not only generate some revenue for your paper, but also underscore the fact that it was sponsored by the "Committee to Elect Al Gore."

The only thing that Al Gore has promised, if elected, is to veto legislation intended to relax radiation emission standards. These standards are only one factor to be considered in the total nuclear repository location decision process.

When one considers Mr. Gore's convenient attacks of amnesia when confronted with questions on the purpose of White House coffees, and meetings with Buddhist monks, it must be concluded that any of his promises are meaningless.


Carson City


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