Letter: Grand Jury needs to investigate whole case

Concerning the petition filed by Ron Weddell which asks for a grand jury investigation of the actions of certain government officials. I, for one, signed that petition, but not solely for the purpose of having a grand jury look at the actions of the prosecutors and deputies Weddell is after.

I signed the petition expecting such grand jury to also look into the fact that a judge, Michael Fondi, dropped charges against Weddell for assault and other weapons charges, and that if the prosecutors and deputies are exonerated, then new charges be filed against Weddell as this will prove he committed a criminal act.

Considering that there is no proof of other evidence Weddell had justification for such an act eliminates any legal attempt at his arresting the Bustamontes let alone firing a gun in a populated area in an attempt to do so.

If we allow Weddell to walk on this, then I could go out next week, shoot at someone, make a claim that I thought persons had committed a crime and get away with it. Far fetched? Maybe not.

I spoke to this issue in a letter to the Nevada Appeal in July 1999. Now that I am a resident of Carson City, I repeat those comments herein.

The act of a man firing a gun in a populated area, terrorizing the residents there and endangering everyone must not be tolerated. This is unforgivable. Judge Fondi and Ron Weddell both should be held accountable for their actions.

We do not live in the lawless Wild West. There is absolutely no good reason for the citizens of Carson City to have this kind of thing occur here without punishment of those irresponsible persons involved. We have police officers who are bound to enforce the law and make arrests if warranted.

Yes, I welcome a grand jury investigation into all actions involved in this saga. If the Bustamonte brothers, prosecutors and sheriffs deputies deserve scrutinizing for their acts and are found to deserve punishment, then so be it. Let us also make sure that the grand jury looks at the actions of Judge Fondi and Ron Weddell as well. Proper punishment should be dealt to a person who endangers and terrorizes any Carson City neighborhood. And as for Judge Fondi, perhaps we cannot remove him from the bench, but we can certainly prevent him from ever returning to it.


Carson City


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