Letter: Hospital should give more info on shots

As my husband's cardiologist's and internist's offices advised, I called the hospital's administration telephone number to inquire about availability of flu shots for the public. I was rudely informed that I should read the Appeal for such information and to expect it in December. I asked if high-risk patients would receive priority consideration and I was adamantly and repeatedly told, "No, it will be first come, first served."

Unfortunately, because of what I was told, I told numerous other high-risk patients who frequent Carson-Tahoe Hospital and they too rushed to another health-care facility to pay without reimbursement from Medicare.

Apparently the Carson-Tahoe Hospital staff had to change their policy because of the Center for Disease Control's recommendation that the high-risk receive flu shots first as indicated in the Appeal.

It would certainly be a kindness for the hospital staff to be courteous and choose a policy that would more likely keep the most vulnerable from hospitalization with the flu. However, that would be less profitable.


Carson City


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