Letter: It's Clinton/Gore DOE pushing Yucca site

The Nevada Appeal headline article on Sept. 27, "Guinn: No water for nuke dump," prompted me to remember a headline from a month or so ago that said something like (I didn't keep the paper for a direct quote), "Senator Bryan says if Bush elected nuclear waste will be in Nevada in six months." The headline article of Sept. 27 reported Governor Guinn's proposed legislation to fine the Federal Department of Energy $1 million for every gallon of Nevada water used in the construction of a nuclear waste site at Yucca Mountain. The article further states that the DOE representative said that the DOE would sidestep Nevada water permitting by trucking water in. The article further quoted Governor Guinn stating that the DOE wants to start the Yucca Mountain facility, "Even before the site has been ruled acceptable."

What was amazingly missing from the article regarding Governor Guinn's resistance to the DOE was any mention of the fact that this is the Clinton/Gore DOE. It seems rather curious to me that the same paper that makes headline news out of a lame duck senator's press release, lauding president Clinton as the last hope Nevada has to keep nuclear waste out of Nevada and prints as fact the speculations of the same lame duck senator regarding presidential nominee George W. Bush, somehow fails to link the current actions of the DOE with the Clinton/Gore leadership. Make no mistake, Clinton/Gore are responsible for the actions of the DOE. Could this be an example of media bias, or just an unfortunate coincidence?




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