Letter: Not everyone gets their American Dream

We live in the land of the free (after re-bates) ... The home of the brave (with subscription). The American Dream. Everyone deserves a place to live ("except you" in microscopic print).

Not everyone is perfect. Not everyone makes a bunch of money. However, no one deserves to be turned down for a place to live. Not everyone wants to live off welfare, and for those of us who don't we get put down for not being on it. For example a family of two adults and four children.

Head of the household works full time with a good job. Wife goes to college full-time and takes care of four children. All they have ever wanted was a place to call home. A driveway to drive into. A safe yard for the kids to play in. No wonder so many families are homeless.

You can drive by all those signs saying "We accept all credit", "Bad credit, no problem" wait now here is the punch line ... except you. So you cry and tell your kids it's OK, we'll find a house don't worry. During that time you tell yourself that you have no place to go. Where do you go now, another relative?

Do you know how hard it is? Not many people do. We do. There is no American Dream for people like us, where you even get turned down by (I won't say the name) certain non-profit organizations who claim that everyone deserves a place to live. You can't rent, you can't buy. Thank God HE does not judge on credit. HE does not care about my credit rating. For we are all God's children, but by far are none of us equal.


Carson City


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