Letter: Query for candidates: Developers or us?

An open letter to the incumbents:

I have read the statements by the incumbents for mayor and supervisors of Carson City. I notice one glaring omission that I feel the residents of Carson City should know their opinion on. My question to each: "Where do you stand in dealing with the developers in Carson City?" It has been knowledge for many years in this city that the developers are the true people running the city and determining growth and roads.

Everyone acknowledges that a freeway is, and has been, needed for a long time; but it should also be known that the local population traveling our streets for their livelihood and to just get from one location to another is finding it more and more difficult to do so.

We have roads that end with barricades and that end at development entrances, or just go nowhere. With each new development request comes more road closures and/or restrictions to the general public. We need people in office who are not intimidated by these developers and will support the needs of the locals trying to get around town by means other than the major streets.

I hope to see a reply from all incumbents, and I would hope the newspaper would print such comments.

Since everyone mentioned the freeway issue, I feel this is a justifiable question to present. There are many more questions that I and others have about issues in this town, and I would like others to put questions to the paper for open communication.


Carson City


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