Letter: Residents don't want dogs in Mayor's Park

We are writing in response to the article in the Wednesday, Aug. 2

Nevada Appeal "City Considers Loose Dogs in Mayor's Park." It is a shame

we had to read about it in the newspaper and that our community couldn't

have been notified of the impending vote and we could have appeared to

protest the vote.

As residents of Landmark's Southpointe, we are emphatically opposed to

usage of the park for dogs to run loose. We have lived here for three

years and try to take daily walks in the Mayor's Park area. There has

not been one time in our walking that we haven't seen dog feces in the

park area.

1. Dog owners that come to the park now with their dogs leashed are NOT

cleaning up after their animals.

2. So, if the dogs were allowed to run loose, I'll guarantee you that

their owners would not chase after them and clean up.

3. If Mayor's Park is known as a park where dogs can run loose, will the

park be overrun with animals?

4. What impact does this have on our area traffic, with people bringing

their dogs from all over the city to run in Mayor's Park?

5. How many dogs will know the boundaries of the park, and won't run into

the street and get killed?

6. Why not preserve the park with dogs on leashes and let the children's

soccer teams practice without having to worry about having their shoes

and clothing soiled with dog feces.

Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter and maintaining

the integrity of our neighborhood and the families living here.


Carson City


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