Letter: Shame on those who cause hardship on the elderly

It's a sad world we live in today! The following story will certainly demonstrate this.

My mother, who is 83 years old and lives on a fixed income and is also handicapped by near blindness, was shopping Saturday at Albertson's. When she was done she was very tired and sat down on a bench to rest. Catching her second wind, she got up, but inadvertently left her white canvas bag with blue straps, that also has small pink flowers in the shape of a heart and has verse 10 from Psalm 51 on it.

Contents inside were: an extra-strength magnifying glass given to her by the Department for the Legally Blind, her asthma inhaler that she must carry at all times, her clipboard with shopping list, her newly picked up prescription (from Smith's in Dayton) and a pill splitter she had just bought as she can no longer see to cut pills (when it is necessary).

Someone picked it up, went through it, removed her new prescription and pill cutter from the prescription bag, put her inhaler in that bag and threw it down and kept the rest. Shame on them to cause an unnecessary hardship on an elderly person that already struggles with the ever-growing cost of today!




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