Letter: Show was great, but little respect for the flag

Do you suppose many people from here were aware of the magnitude of the Grand Prix Horse Show at Minden last week? The reason I ask is that I am in Sierra Place, the best and newest retirement home here. And no one from here was taken to said show.

By the time the people and horses had arrived for the main event, which is the high jump I had never seen before, Lacy B. Dalton sang the National Anthem, the horses sped around the course, flags flying, it was so moving that as I stood with my hand over my heart, I could not believe that audience! With the exception of a few older people like me and some darling old cowboys, no one knew he/she should salute our flag! Bet more of them knew who Lacy Dalton was - how disrespectful!

No wonder these younger people have no respect for anything. Obviously their parents don't know either. I am admittedly over 80 but am not "over the hill" so much that I deplore what did not happen on Sunday, the final day of the Grand Prix in Minden.

Hope somebody listens.


Carson City


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