Letter: Silver Springs dedicate skate park

The Silver Springs Skate Park will be dedicated Saturday, Dec. 16, at 10 a.m. The park is located east of 95A, south of Lahontan Avenue next to the Flood Control Channel in Silver Springs.

The park was built completely from donations and volunteers. The hard work was done by many residents of Silver Springs including the kids who will use the park, Chris Hansen and Greg Willamont of the Skate Park Committee, Glenn Schaefer and Mark Craig of the Silver Springs Area Chamber of Commerce.

The idea for the park came from five young people who were having trouble finding a place to skate board in Silver Springs. These five, Missy Cervi, Dylan Conlin, Justin and Richard Starks and Tony Willamont decided to do something and in the spring of 1998 formed a committee with their parents and other adults in the area. They raised over $5,000 and after a couple of false starts, the park is finally completed.

Sierra Pacific Power Company has donated the street light and transformer for the park. Silver Springs Entertainment and Arts will be donating the monthly service charge. The family of Esther Peek donated additional land for the park. The area will eventually be developed for all of the community to enjoy.


Silver Springs


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