Letter: Some people care, some don't

I'm a long-time Nevadan who remembers small town Carson City and a time when residents cared about one another. Not only is that changing, but unhappily, so is the attitude of some business establishments.

I'm disabled and on a fixed income, so my car is older. So was my battery. During our last snow storm, it finally gave out while I was having lunch at the Carson Nugget.

Since we were parked directly behind a gas station, we asked an older gentleman working there how much a jump-start would cost. He said $25-$30. Not only was that a huge chunk of my monthly disability, it was just plain greed considering my car was only feet from his business. I explained my situation but he didn't care.

The wait for a taxi was 45 minutes, and it was too far and too cold to walk. We went back to the Nugget where their security staff didn't hesitate a moment to offer help. They were wonderful.

Carson City is growing and we have choices. I, for one, will continue to frequent the Nugget but will choose a more locals-friendly gas station.


Carson City


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