Letter: State workers need more than just talk

It was wonderful seeing something positive about the possible raise for State Employees. Obviously, a study needed to be done, our word was not enough. The fact that people are dropping like flies was not enough. The fact that state employees are leaving the state medical plan and opting for joining the Teamsters Union, still wasn't enough.

Well, now a study has shown that we are underpaid. One thing that was a little wrong was that city and county, especially county make a lot more money than state employees do, not to mention the 43 percent more in benefits. Our benefits are getting worse and worse every year. Pretty soon, state employees won't have any medical insurance at all if this keeps up.

I have a friend that went to the county and when she left last month, she was a grade 32. She walked in the door and got a 15 percent raise and she said by this time next year she will be the equivalentof a grade 41 for the state. It seems to me that we are way behind. It's very nice that all these stories are being printed. Show me the money, honey.


Carson City


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