Letter: Taxpayers want city to be cost efficient

Enough is enough! As a resident for many years, I have seen the Tom Quigleys of Carson City create every possible roadblock in the way of efficiently running our city. I, for one, want Carson City to benefit from the cost savings that would be afforded by using this BLM material site. I am sure that many other taxpayers would also appreciate this savings. Too many times one or two individuals will object to a minor inconvenience and get a perfectly good plan or idea thrown out.

While I can appreciate a safety concern, there are easy ways to ensure the public safety while a trucking operation is taking place. Quigley says he will not budge at all. Well, would you like to pay for the taxpayers' loss in this job? I am sure that your answer will be no. You do not want to pay yet you want the rest of us to pay? I feel that is it time that we take some common sense action and do what is right for all of us taxpayers and not just a couple.


Carson City


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