Letter: Tom Tatro puts considerable thought into any decision he makes

I feel compelled to write a letter in support of Tom Tatro for mayor. I've known Tom and his family for quite a few years. Every experience that I've had with them has been a positive one.

I've been diagnosed twice with cancer in the last few years. Without knowing me very well, one of Tom's family members offered to come to California with me for a second opinion, taking her own vacation time to do it. Another family member came with me to California a few years later when I was diagnosed the second time, also taking his own vacation time.

Other family members helped me and my children through both of my bouts with cancer by doing my laundry, getting a group together to winterize and make any repairs to my house, staying with me for two weeks straight while I was in the hospital, taking my kids as needed, doing my laundry. Tom and his family even had a benefit for me to help me with any deductibles and my portion of any medical bills. The Bash & Benefit continued for the following two years to help other families who were in need, and it wasn't an election year! Knowing them, I can tell you that they do these things out of the goodness of their hearts. Tom and his family showed me how to see the good things that come from bad situations. Their family refers to me now as their "adopted" sister. My children also feel like part of the family.

Every one of Tom's family members work full time (with the exception of Tom's 79-year-old mother who volunteers at the hospital part time, works out at least three days a week, takes care of the grandchildren, etc.) and also spend countless hours helping out in the community, taking care of their family and friends and anything else that needs to be done. They never seem to tire. They are a remarkable family.

From first-hand experience, I can tell you that Tom puts considerable thought into any decision that he makes and that I feel confident that, if elected, he'll get the job done as mayor of this city.


Carson City


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