Letter: Why isn't anybody fighting gas prices?

Let's see - Labor Day has come and gone, the kids are back in school and the tourist season is winding down, so why are the gasoline prices so high and going up daily? Some stations post one price in the morning and another higher one in the afternoon.

I recall earlier in the year when gasoline prices rose sky high in the Midwest - it made national headlines! And what do you know, they soon headed downward. Meanwhile, the prices here continue to rise and there's hardly a word about it in the papers.

A visitor from Florida was telling my husband today that prices in his state are at least 50 cents a gallon less then here. Whatever happened to the so-called investigation into higher prices that was supposed to be conducted sometime ago by the governor, attorney general, etc.? If there was one, which I doubt, it certainly didn't produce any results, did it? And the silence from our two senators on this particular problem seems to be deafening. Why aren't they trying to find out why Nevadans are being gouged at the pump?

So many questions and no answers for the poor consumers. Isn't it about time our elected representatives tell us what, if anything, they are doing to find out why Nevadans are paying more for gas then residents in almost every other state? If they aren't looking out for their constituents' welfare, there are always elections when voters can vote for someone who does care about the common folks!


Carson City


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