Man arrested on suspicion of rape waives preliminary hearing

A man originally arrested for suspicion of rape on July 12 waived his preliminary hearing Friday on an amended charge of statutory rape.

Oscar Carreon-Iturriaga, 20, will face the gross misdemeanor charge in Carson City District Court.

The preliminary hearing is optional and can be used by both prosecutors and defendants to examine the evidence. If evidence is found that the defendant committed the crime, the case is sent to the higher court. The hearing applies to gross misdemeanors and felonies.

Initial reports, which put Carreon-Iturriaga's age at 24, indicated he went into a bathroom at a residence where the alleged 14-year-old victim was preparing to take a shower. He had been accused of trapping the girl and forcing himself on her. Now authorities are saying he had consensual sex with the girl.

Prosecutor David Morandi said Carreon-Iturriaga lied about his age at the original arrest.

Carreon-Iturriaga is a resident of the 2000 block of Lone Mountain Drive. He is listed as unemployed and has lived in the area for approximately three years. The girl's mother and grandfather reported the incident to the sheriff's department.


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