NDOT letting water run down the drain

Attention Carson City residents!

As a city employee, I am extremely upset to see the State of Nevada, Department of Transportation wasting our time, money and now our water.

We all know it's the hottest part of the season when water is at its most valuable. State workers must believe differently.

I have noticed for several days on my work route large amounts of water going down the drain in the area of College Parkway, which I thought was strange. My home had low water pressure.

Concerned, I talked to an employee of the Carsonite Building, who directed me to The Nevada Department of Transportation Building. I twice notified Don McFall of the problems and my concerns. He stated he will have the gardener check it. A week and a half went by and I still see water! So I called again and talked to the gardener, who said a sprinkler was damaged on the lawn and that it's "not a problem!" For him, I guess.

At a recent city meeting there was a memo about NDOT using over 100,000 gallons of water in the Carsonite Building alone. It doesn't take a genius to figure out where the water and the taxpayers' money went. Down the drain!

While Carson City residents are conserving what little water we have, the state couldn't care less who they hurt as usual. Carson City residents will pay one way or another for NDOT stupidity, while the two idiots I wasted my concerns on to keep their cozy jobs and get a "Don't do that again" speech. Life is good for those who don't care about anyone but themselves!


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