Pool reopens tube slides

MINDEN - Kids and waterslide lovers in the Carson Valley will be happy to hear that the tube slides at the Carson Valley Swim Center have reopened after a six-week hiatus.

In early June, the slides were closed during an investigation of a 14-year-old boy's May 12 injury. During that investigation, the slide pool, part of the center's new construction, was measured and found to be too shallow by a few inches.

"To amend that, we filled the pool to 3 feet, 6 inches, which was what we had ordered and what the manufacturer of the slide recommends, but there was just too much water sloshing out, and I had to ask myself what that would cost us over 20 years," said the center's director, Kirk Chiapella.

The pool was closed and the construction company was asked to fix the discrepancy, he said.

"Once that was done, there was no hesitation from Northern Sierra Construction to come and fix the problem," Chiapella said. "We didn't have to pay for any of it."

Chiapella said the repairs probably cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000.

Tuesday, when the pool reopened, Chiapella said he was heading over to try out the slides when an adult exercise class spotted him going there and decided to join in.

"We gave it a thorough testing," he said. "That class is mostly seniors, and we proved that if you ride it correctly, you won't get injured."

Chiapella said slide riders will be advised how to properly slip down the watery chute with clear reminders.

"We are going to post a sign saying that people spinning in the big tube will be asked to leave with no refund," he said. "We know that some kids have been doing that, and it's just not reasonable for a few people to ruin it for everyone else. We have a lot of faith that the slides are very safe now."

The slides at the Carson Valley Swim Center open at 11 a.m. each day. Call 782-8841.


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