Q-Tip: Fish the east side

This week's Q-Tip is about fishing the eastern (Nevada) side of Lake Tahoe.

So, here is some helpful information on how to do so:

HOW TO GET THERE: Take U.S. 50 west from the Carson City area to Cave Rock Landing on the Nevada side. This is a driving distance of only about 20 miles.

WHERE TO FISH: Troll from a boat in the deep water (160-240 feet deep) between Cave Rock Landing and Zephyr Cove (to the south), or in front of Deadman's Point (to the north) on the north side of Glenbrook Bay.

HOW TO FISH: Troll from a boat. Use either a downrigger or steel line with heavy lead weights to get down to that deep water. Do not use monofilament or lead core lines.

Troll with large, silver-colored Herring Dodger flasher blades with either live minnows, 3-inch, blue-colored, rubber minnows. Pearl-colored Apex Lures, or large, white-colored Silver Horde lures are also very successful.

Note: The live minnows MUST be caught at Lake Tahoe. They can not be imported from any other waters.

WHAT YOU'LL CATCH: Mackinaw trout, up to 20 pounds or larger. Most Mackinaw will be 4-8 pounds.

Kokanee salmon, the landlocked version of the sockeye salmon. These fish will normally be in the 10-14 inch class but they are very feisty fighters.

You can also occasionally catch a good-sized German brown or rainbow trout.

Your best bet to catch a German brown trout will usually be in front of the Zephyr Cove area.

Your best bet to catch a rainbow trout will usually be in the Deadman's Point area.

If you're interested in catching either Mackinaw (lake) trout or Kokanee salmon, your best fishing success will normally be in the first few hours of daylight. As the sun comes up those two light-sensitive species will retreat to the deeper and darker water.

SPECIAL REGULATIONS: The lake limit is five fish. Not more than two of the fish can be Mackinaw trout.

SPECIAL NOTE: It is essential to have an electronic fish finder to know the depth of the water where you are fishing. Mackinaw trout lurk near the bottom or along drop-offs, so you need to know exactly where they are located.

SPECIAL NOTE: It will cost you $10 to launch your boat and to park your vehicle and boat trailer at the Cave Rock Landing.

SPECIAL NOTE: While fishing, watch for a black line on the surface of the water on the far side (west) of the lake. If you see a black line, immediately return to the boat launch facility and get off the lake. That black line indicates that the wind is blowing hard and moving toward the eastern shore. In a very short period of time, the entire lake will be white-capped with rough water.

FOR INFORMATION: Call Mike Nielsen of the Tahoe Topliners Guide Service at South Lake Tahoe, Calif. at (530) 544-1526 (home) or call either Jack Martin or Rick Mueller at the Sportsmen's Sporting Goods Store at South Lake Tahoe at (530) 542-3474.

You can also call the Fisheries Bureau of the Nevada Division of Wildlife at 688-1500 during regular business hours.


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