Recognizing the error in our ways

Kind readers:

In Wednesday's edition, this newspaper published a story about mayoral candidate Tom Tatro being endorsed by the Carson City Sheriff's Supervisory Association.

Unfortunately, the photograph that accompanied that story was of Justice Court Judge John Tatro, Tom's brother. That was not the first time the photos have been mixed up.

I could tell you lots and lots of reasons a mistake like that could happen. We use a computerized photo library. We have folks on the news desk who don't know John or Tom. We have lots and lots to do under difficult deadlines each night, etc., etc., etc.

But that's not what you want to hear.

You probably want to know why you should pay for a newspaper that continues to screw up names, dates, places and often fails to provide the kind of quality you deserve and expect.

Fair enough.

For starters, I don't expect you to pay for yesterday's newspaper. I have instructed our Circulation Department to credit each and every subscriber one delivery day.

I will also be meeting with our entire Editorial Department to determine why we are seeing these repeated mistakes and do whatever is necessary to see that they are eliminated.

The Nevada Appeal has published continuously for 135 years. The past four-plus under my stewardship. I take my responsibility very seriously and I understand full well the responsibility we have to our community and to you, our valuable readers.

I apologize for our most recent errors and I promise to do whatever I can to improve the quality of this newspaper.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,

Jeff Ackerman



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