Stats: Capitols, Hawaii

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Capitols 3, Honolulu 0

Honolulu0000000-06 1

Capitols 000 030x-341

League, and Tudisco. Cochran, and Mercer. W- Cochran. L- League. S0- League 2, Cochran 4. BB- League 2, Cochran 1.

Hitters- H-. C-.

Boise 6, Cherry Creek 4

Cherry Creek0030001-440


Sleeth, Branfield (4), and Basile. Newton, and Kurtz. W- Newton. L- Branfield. SO- Sleeth 3, Branfield 2, Newton 7. BB- Sleeth 2, Branfield 1, Newton 4.

Hitting- CC: Clark 1x4, Andrews 1x4, RBI, Rudden 1x3, Miller 1x3, 3 RBI. B: Newton 2x4, 2B, RBI, Huwer 2x3, RBI, Stroebel 2x3, 2B, 3 RBI, Gill 2x2.

Woodward 5, St. Louis 4

St. Louis0202000-481


Jurkins, Jovag (7), and Felter. Smith, Treat (4), and Dewald. W- Smith. L- Jurkins. SO- Jurkins 3, Smith 2, Treat 6. BB- Jurkins 4, Jovag 1, Smith 1, Treat 1.

Hitters- SL: Spinner 1x4, Sauer 1x4, Kirk 2x2, Wilke 2x3, HR, 2 RBI, Borcherding 1x3, Frownfelter 1x3. W: Bushman 2x2, HR, RBI, Patten 1x3, RBI, Sullivan 2x4, 2B (2), Lindsey 1x2, Craig 1x2, 2B, RBI, Gerreald 1x3, 2B, Cresswell 1x1, RBI.

Santa Rosa 5, Carmel 2


Santa Rosa022010x-550

Mankle, Adams (3), Smith (6), and Reifenberger. Demaria, and Lew. W- Demaria. L- Mankle. SO- Mankle 1, Adams 3, Demaria 7. BB- Mankle 1, Adams 2, Demaria 4.

Hitters- C: Conrad 1x3, Canada 1x3, 2B, Dugan 1x3, HR, RBI, Seilery 2x3, 2B, Reifenberger 1x2, RBI. SR: Lew 1x3, 2B, Mocny 1x3, 2B, RBI, Craig 3x4, RBI, Bacigalupi 1x2, Raichart 1x2, 2B, 2 RBI.

Danville 15, Ogden 2



Brown, Allred (6), and Ricks. Abbott, Sonofsky (6), and Love. W- Brown. L-Abbott. SO- Brown 5, Abbott 7. BB- Brown 1, Allred 1, Abbott 7, Sonofsky 1.

Hitters- D: Groman 3x4, 2B (2), 2 RBI, Cherry 1x3, 2B, 2 RBI, Ricks 3x4, 2B, 4 RBI, Slattery 1x1, 2B, 2 RBI, Lymangrover 2x3, HR, 2B, 2 RBI. O: Stitt 1x2, Luders 1x3, 2B, RBI, Sanders 1x3, RBI, Sanofsky 1x2.


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