Supreme Court rules end of prison sentence renders appeal moot

The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled that Shane Mark Beals' appeal is moot and should be dismissed because he has already finished his prison sentence for a DUI wreck.

Beals was originally sentenced to 15 years in 1988 after admitting he caused substantial bodily harm to another person while driving under the influence. He got out of prison in 1997 on parole but went back the following year after another DUI arrest.

It was then that Beals appealed, arguing he should have been provided a lawyer at his revocation hearing. But before that appeal was settled, Beals finished his prison sentence and was released this past January.

Because of that, the district court dismissed the appeal. Beals argued there is still a valid issue at stake and the Supreme Court should hear his motions.

A panel of the Supreme Court disagreed, saying his demand for counsel during his parole revocation hearing is moot.


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