Two boys find body of newborn off side of road

SAN FRANCISCO - Two boys found the body of a newborn boy in a landscaped area near a busy street in Pleasanton, and police are trying to find the mother or father.

The two boys found the badly damaged body on Sunday, about 30 feet from the street. They flagged down a passing ambulance for help.

Police believe the baby was buried in a 6-inch-deep grave about a week or two ago. They also think animals exhumed the body and did most of the damage to it, said Sgt. Bob Lyness with the Pleasanton Police Department.

The placenta was found in the grave, but police do not know if the mother gave birth there.

A brown McDonald's bag was also found in the grave.

The coroner performed an autopsy Monday and was unable to determine a cause of death, but determined there was no blunt trauma to the head, where most of the damage was done to the body.

Police were able to get DNA samples that they hope will help them locate the parents.

Police do not know if the baby was born alive, and they have called in an anthropologist to help them determine the time of death and the race of the baby.

Detectives are searching the area and a nearby McDonald's for information.


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