Utility shareholders implements legislative plans

The Utility Shareholders Association of Nevada recently announced implementation of its final grassroots structure in preparation for the 2001 Nevada Legislative Session.

"Our 'new and improved' phone tree and e-mail networks will allow us to contact hundreds of our members in moments when issues that could impact their interests arise during the legislative session," said USAN President Joyce Newman. "We expect to see several bills that will have an effect on utility shareholders' investments, and we'll be prepared to inform our members and mobilize them to act to protect their interests.

"We're committed to ensuring that any changes in the state's deregulation statutes are not done at the expense of those who've invested their retirement savings in these Nevada companies," said Newman.

The Utility Shareholders Association of Nevada is a non-profit organization comprised of investors in the state's energy utilities. On average, USAN members are more than 65 years of age, married and middle-income citizens who've invested in utilities to supplement other retirement income.


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