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The hospital has been there over 50 years, and it was a rural area with ranches. Developers and residents chose to build and buy homes in the area. They knew the hospital was there. Common sense would tell them the hospital will grow as the population grows to meet the needs of our fine city. A few residents should not dictate what is best for all of the residents.

Tony, Carson City

A hospital belongs anywhere. People need them desperately.

Fran, Minden

This may be double counting, I don't know, you might want to consult the folks in Florida, but in regard to the does the hospital belong in a residential neighborhood question that was in the paper this morning, I would say unequivocally no. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.

Patrick, Carson City

I think the hospital should build a high rise for the hospital purposes it needs with a parking garage underneath and do it right on the parking area they have right now.

George, Carson City

I don't believe the hospital should expand into the Anderson field area. I don't believe it belongs in a residential neighborhood; however, I think it might be kind of hard to find an area that isn't residential around here. Also I don't believe the hospital should consider affiliation.

Linda, Carson City

Yes, I do believe the hospital should go ahead and build on land that is being considered. The neighborhood has known about it for years. It should also remain city owned.

Mary, Carson City


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