Arrest Report

The following incidents were reported Sunday to the Carson City Sheriff's Department:

- A 20-year-old man arrested for suspicion of domestic battery and burglary at 12:16 a.m. at the Carson City Jail. He reportedly surrendered himself after barging into a woman's house and hitting her. Deputies were attempting to locate him Saturday night when he was reportedly threatening to drive to Carson City from Reno to assault the same woman. Bail was set at $25,000.

- A domestic dispute at 12:11 a.m. in the 1600 block of East Long Street. Report taken.

- Manuel Gutierrez-Corrales, 38, arrested at 12:41 a.m. in the 1600 block of East Long for suspicion of third drunken driving charge, open container and additional traffic charges.

- A 38-year-old man arrested for suspicion of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest at 1 a.m. at Smith's grocery store on William Street.

- A 19-year-old man arrested for suspicion of destruction of property at 1:56 a.m. in the 100 block of Conestoga Drive after reports of party-goers urinating on a neighbor's window. Four minors were cited and released for suspicion of consuming alcohol.

- Doreen Dynek, 28, arrested for suspicion of methamphetamine possession and disorderly conduct at 3:05 a.m. in the 1200 block of East Fifth Street.

- A man attempting to order at a fast food drive-through reported that the worker told him it was closed at 3:11 a.m. in the 300 block of East William Street. He reportedly saw other cars in the parking lot.

- A vehicle burglary at 6:25 a.m. in the 700 block of Jackson Way. Report taken.

- A non-injury accident at 8:38 a.m. in the 1300 block of North Carson Street. Settled at the scene.

- Joseph Lampe, 22, arrested at 8:55 a.m. in the 1200 block of Tamarisk Street for suspicion of violating a restraining order and possession of drug paraphernalia.

- License plates stolen from a vehicle at 9:02 a.m. in the 800 block of South Roop Street. Report taken.

- Registration papers stolen from a vehicle at 10:53 a.m. in the 2600 block of Michael Drive.

- A slashed tire at 11:23 a.m. in the 3000 block of Imperial Way. Report taken.

- A 44-year-old man arrested at 12:14 p.m. at Smith's grocery store on East William Street.

- A window broken at 1:17 p.m. in the 4800 block of Heron Road. Report taken.

- Daniel King, 40, arrested at 3:59 p.m. in the 1000 block of North Saliman Road for suspicion of drug possession. He was also wanted on two unrelated misdemeanor warrants. Bail was set at $10,000.

- A 39-year-old man arrested for suspicion of failure to change address as a felon at 7:11 p.m. at the intersection of Carson and Washington streets.

- A 40-year-old man arrested at 8:50 p.m. in the 500 block of East Caroline Street after he was reportedly found urinating in the street with his shirt off and yelling obscenities at passing cars.

- Six false intrusion alarms.


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