Boys & Girls Club still safe place for children

As a Boys and Girls Club alumni, I was greatly effected by hearing of the murder of Krystal Steadman, a girl who was some way connected with Boys & Girls Club members. What upset me more was to find out that she was allegedly murdered by a Boys & Girls Club employee.

Even though I am a member of the Boys & Girls of Western Nevada and she was a member of the South Tahoe club, it has greatly affected our club. Other members of my club were also affected and very upset as well as the parents.

For example, some of the parents have brought their kids to the club. The club is known as "the positive place for kids," and our club remains to be that one place where kids can come for the support they need for everyday life problems. Our club is a completely different entity from other Boys & Girls Clubs; however, we all bear the name Boys & Girls Club.

Our club is a fun and a positive place for kids to be. That is why I wrote this letter, to defend the club, to tell the truth.

Our club is a great place to be, even though there was somebody, a Boys & Girls Club employee, who allegedly murdered somebody. The staff from our club are some of the most trustworthy people I know, and I know that I could trust them with anything. This has been a tragic loss for this family, and I don't know what I would do if my family were in the same situation; however, the Boys and Girls Club Foundation has been given a bad name. Even at school, the situation has been given a twist, saying that the Boys & Girls Club is a bad place and that there are bad people there. However, there is nowhere else that I and other club members would rather be. The club is and will always be a great place for kids.


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