Brief: Family Support needs crisis hotline volunteers

The Family Support Council of Douglas County is recruiting volunteers for the crisis hotline. Volunteers attend 24 hours (six weeks) of training beginning March 25 and ends April 25.

The training covers the following topics: domestic violence, profiles, why women stay, crisis intervention, sexual assault, suicide, and information and referrals. Crisis line volunteers are non-judgmental, sensitive people with a genuine desire to help others. The most essential quality a volunteer can possess is to be an effective communicator.

Volunteer calls range from crisis calls to information and referrals. Volunteers help the caller explore choices, solutions and alternatives. A staff person is available if needed.

For information, call 782-8692.

The Family Support Council Parenting Program will also provide a free presentation on brain development and the impact of domestic violence on the brain April 3 at the council office, 1255 Waterloo in Gardnerville.


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