Carson relative appears on Greed Friday night

Who would have believed that it would end this way, John Riordan said of the effort his brother made Friday night on the television game show "Greed."

"He cost his team $200,000, and they got nothing, and they were right," John said of brother Mike Riordan.

Mike, 52, is the younger brother of John and Bill Riordan who work at the Pinon Plaza in Carson City. John is the bar manager at the plaza while Bill is the director of operations.

The former Carson City resident lives in Las Vegas, and is married to JoAnn, and they have two children. He was called nearly four weeks ago to appear on the trivia question-and-answer game of "Greed."

John said that it looked great when things were going good for his younger brother.

"He challenged the captain on his team and won $10,000, and became captain himself," said Bill. "At the $200,000 question, Mike, as captain, overruled his team's answer and Mike was wrong."

Letting out a sigh, Bill and John both laughed at the failure.

"He personally embarrassed the whole family on national television," John said.

The question was "Which four appear on a standard keyboard for an IBM-compatible PC?"

The choice of answers was: pause, shift, end, home, send and save."

During the round, Mike had save thrown off the list. His teammates picked pause, shift, end, and home. But Mike replaced pause with send and lost the round.

Mike is a casino consultant and author. His biggest seller so far is called "Comp City," a book about living on complimentary offerings from casinos and hotels in Las Vegas.

Bill said Mike writes under the name of Max Rubin.

The show "Greed," hosted by Chuck Woolry, airs at 9 p.m. Friday nights.

Both the brothers have worked with Clark Russell since day one of the Plaza in 1997. Both are longtime Carson residents.

"He did get his ten grand, and the others were mad at him," Bill said.

Mike, in an interview after the show was recorded, said that it was very exciting to be on the show and that he did feel bad for the others. He also said that he was invited back by the producers of the show to participate in another "loser's bracket" competition - a show of their favorite losers.

"It was all a fun experience," he said.


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