Columnist comments are way off base

A visit to the forum reveals interesting things about Guy Farmer and an anonymous poster named Greg. Greg not only has not posted his last name but is allowed to post without revealing his e-mail address.

He says he posts anonymously because he might get "hate" mail that he would not want his children to see. "For the children" is a current slogan leftists are using to sell their freedom destroying socialistic schemes.

I am not surprised to see Greg use it as an excuse. Both Guy and Greg violate two of the rules of the forum. First rule, don't stray from the subject. Neither of them address the subject of Project Megiddo. Second rule, don't mount personal attacks on the posters. That is all they have done. Any attacks on them by other posters are only in self defense to the attacks by G. and G. Their ad hominem attacks use innuendo, ridicule and name calling against the posters and never address the contents of Project Megiddo. If you can't debunk the message, smear the messenger.

Guy Farmer's Sunday column is more of the same innuendo and ridicule, with a few falsehoods thrown in. "Waco: A New Revelation" is not a book written by a discredited ex-FBI agent named Frederick Whitehurst. "Waco: A New Revelation" is a videotape narrated by Dr. Frederic Whitehurst, a Ph.D chemist and whistle blower. He blew the whistle on his ex-employer, the FBI. He charged, among other things, that the FBI had falsified lab reports, manufactured evidence advantageous to prosecutors, mishandled evidence and engaged in laboratory practices that could only be characterized as "sloppy."

The Inspector General examined his complaints and found many of them to be true. The IG could not verify every one of his complaints, but that is not surprising given the propensity of the FBI to "lose" embarrassing evidence. The FBI let Dr. Whitehurst go and gave him over a million dollars to go away. Dr. Whitehurst was not discredited, the FBI was.

One of the new revelations in the video shows where a demolition charge had been placed on top of a concrete and cinder block storage room. This room the FBI calls a bunker is where the women and children had fled when they were being gassed. The concrete shards that blasted into that room must have torn everyone inside to pieces. Their mutilated bodies give evidence that this is what happened.

We now know that Delta Force was involved in this hideous atrocity in violation of the law that forbids the military to engage in law enforcement.

Guy Farmer states in his column, "When Greg raised some valid points about Project Megiddo, Richard pronounced him to be brain-dead." I searched the Greg postings and didn't find any valid questions about Project Megiddo. I found he called me a "whacko" and a "fruit cake" and called Richard one of my "groupies." I never saw any reference to anything regarding the contents of Project Megiddo.

Farmer's comments on Sen. McCarthy are way off base. The U.S. Army Signal Corps, the forerunner of the National Security Agency, intercepted and decoded messages between the Soviet embassy and Moscow. These intercepted messages are known as the "venona" file and identified Communist agents and spies in government. The venona files, which were still classified and unfortunately unavailable to McCarthy, have now been made public. The Russian government has opened up some of the old files for confirmation of the identities of former spies and agents inside government. What has been revealed now confirms and vindicates what McCarthy had been saying.

Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy never accused anyone of being a Communist who in fact was not one. When your hero Edward R. Murrow made his "documentary" on McCarthy, he kept the camera trained on McCarthy hour after hour running hundreds of feet of film hoping to catch him picking his nose, belching, scratching, adjusting his genitals, or any other unseemly gesture. His documentary was composed of the worst shots he could find of McCarthy in those hundreds of feet of film. So much for the great American journalist.

Finally, I have no knowledge of the brain softening and mind warping capabilities of fluoride in the drinking water. I do know that when people are fed lies and half truths and important information is kept from them, and it is all edited and spun to fit a left wing agenda, they become easy pickings for political programs and policies that enslave them.


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