County "stop order" put on Rolling A sewer pond site

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DAYTON - Lyon County has ordered Stanton Park Development to halt work on a regional wastewater treatment facility.

"We issued the order about 10 days ago when they did not respond to our request to submit their plans to us for review," County Engineer Dan O'Brien said Friday. "The Nevada Department of Environmental Protection has reviewed the plans and issued a discharge permit, but we have received no response to our questions and concerns."

O'Brien said the county has several technical questions but is primarily concerned with the quality of the proposed process tanks.

"The currently proposed tanks are of a thin, galvanized steel. We would like to see them constructed of cement," he said. "It would be to their benefit, too. They have other properties and will want capacity at this facility. We want this to be a permanent facility with expansion capabilities. We don't want to have to tear it down in a few years."

O'Brien was to meet with development representatives in efforts to resolve the issue.

The sewer line from Stanton's property on the north side of Highway 50 to the Rolling A site along River Road has been completed. Earthwork on the holding ponds had just begun when the "stop work" order was issued.

In October 1999, an agreement was reached between the county, Stanton Park Development and owners of the Rolling A Ranch to build a regional wastewater treatment facility on a 12-acre site owned by the Rolling A Ranch.

Upon approval of the agreement, the Rolling A donated the necessary easements and the site to the county. Stanton Park agreed to build two phases of the treatment plant, with a capacity of 100 residential units.


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