Gaming up more than 21 percent statewide in November

Boosted by two major events in the south and good weather in the north, Nevada casinos posted a whopping 21.7 percent increase in winnings in November.

Total win for the month was $804.8 million compared with $661.5 million in November 1998.

Gaming analyst Frank Streshley said the majority of the increase came from a 35.3 percent increase in business on the Las Vegas Strip, which hosted both the Holyfield-Lewis fight and the Comdex computer industry trade show during November.

Strip winnings were the second highest ever at $430.6 million, just $2 million shy of the record for that area set in January 1999.

While a 118.7 percent increase in baccarat winnings didn't hurt, he said the statewide increase was still 16.7 percent without including that volatile game.

Streshley said slot win was up 16 percent statewide, blackjack up 14.5 percent, roulette 36.4 percent and craps 6.4 percent.

The Strip may have carried the majority of the load, but other parts of the state did well during November, including the Carson Valley Area - both Carson City and the non-lake portions of Douglas County. Winnings there increased 8.9 percent to $6.98 million on the backs of strong slot revenues that offset a decrease in game and table winnings.

South Lake Tahoe's casino district brought in 4.66 percent more than in November 1998 - $20.6 million in all - and North Lake Tahoe increased its winnings 12.9 percent to $2.7 million. Washoe County casinos showed a 7.88 percent increase in winnings for $86.7 million.

Lake Tahoe, Reno and the Carson area were all helped by a dry fall and early winter that caused few road problems that would prevent gamblers from getting to the resorts.

South Lake Tahoe casinos showed a 22.6 percent increase in slot winnings, which was offset by an 18.6 percent drop in game and table revenue. Almost all of that can be blamed on the $154,000 loss the area took in baccarat play.

The big increase boosted fiscal year-to-date winnings to $3.9 billion - which is 13.2 percent higher than the same period of 1998.


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